Botox Treatment Beverly Hills



Initial Visit


During the initial consultation, Doctor Vallecillos will perform a history and directed physical examination. The patient’s pertinent medical history will be reviewed including current medications, past surgical history, previous experience (if any) with BOTOX®, and their skin regimen, if applicable.

Doctor Vallecillos will evaluate the patients facial rhytids and will assess his/her perception. Doctor Vallecillos will then and determine the role of BOTOX® in their treatment and will make recommendations as to how the BOTOX® can be best utilized for an optimal yet natural effect.s.

In the event that the patient is not an ideal candidate for BOTOX® treatment , or would be better suited with a combination of treatments, Doctor Vallecillos may suggest other treatment modalities including Juvederm injections, Radiesse injections, fruit acid or TCA peels, fractionated laser resurfacing (Lumenis Active FX or Fraxel Re:Store lasers), or potentially even cosmetic surgery. Pre-procedural photographs will be taken both at rest and on animation in order to accentuate the rhytids of concern. A consent form and arbitration agreement will be reviewed and signed by you and the front office staff prior to any procedure.
Source: Actual Botox Patient. Unretouched photos taken at maximum frown before treatment with BOTOX® Cosmetic and taken at maximum frown after treatment with BOTOX® Cosmetic at days 2 and 14.



Botox Procedure


With the patient sitting in the upright position, Doctor Vallecillos will assess and note the facial areas in need of treatment with BOTOX®. Next, upon the patient’s request, a local anesthetic cream or pre-procedural icing may be applied to designated areas of treatment in order to maximize comfort. Following adequate pre-treatment, the BOTOX® will be injected through the skin into the muscles using very fine (32 ga) needles.

Generally speaking, the procedure takes about 5 minutes from beginning to end and the majority of patients experience minimal to no discomfort. There are generally no stigmata of BOTOX® following treatment by Doctor Vallecillos, as he uses highly concentrated BOTOX® thus requiring very little volume and leaving virtually no “bee sting” signs as can be seen with other injectors.

Patients are free to leave the office immediately following the procedure and may resume normal day-to-day activities. Make-up may be immediately reapplied, if necessary. Doctor Vallecillos places/recommends two restrictions on all patients: No lying down for a period of 4 hours following the procedure and no exercise for a period of 24 hours following the procedure.

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